Content targeting on HbbTV debuts in Slovakia

, R2B2 in the media

Sales of programmatic advertising on HbbTV are growing by around 300% year-on-year in the Czech Republic, according to Lukas Hnlicka from Hybrid. Content targeting on HbbTV debuts in Slovakia

The Czech ad tech company R2B2 has launched content targeting on HbbTV in Slovakia.

According to the company, it is now available on the TV channels Markiza, Doma and Dajto. R2B2 has been offering content targeting in the Czech Republic for nearly a year.

Commenting on the new launch, David Kratochvil, key client manager at R2B2, said: “We’re glad that our content targeting is now available in Slovakia. With this type of automated targeting, we are simplifying the process of buying ads on HbbTV by eliminating the need to manually search for corresponding TV programmes and set up several advertising plans”.

Separately, R2B2 has introduced a new type of targeting for programmatic ads on HbbTV. Available in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it allows advertisers to target viewers by TV brand and model. According to Kratochvil, “Advertisers have immediate access to several approaches to viewer targeting. They can choose one or more brands. They can also, for example, target ad messages to OLED TVs or select older models by model number”.