RTB Index

FORTUNA GAME used programmatic in an acquisition campaign during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. For mobile advertising, the format Mobile Skins was selected on the R2B2 Multiscreen network.

Mobile Skins in a programmatic campaign for FORTUNA GAME

In December, CTRs for ad formats in the R2B2 network rose. TV banners again reached a CTR of over 2%. Price increases mainly affected mobile formats.

In November, prices of RTB ads in the R2B2 Multiscreen network increased, but CTRs for the selected formats did not. TV banners flourished.

The average ad price for the R2B2 Multiscreen network didn’t change much. The selected online formats, however, were less expensive, with prices for TV banners dropping by more than a quarter.

In September, the CTR for the R2B2 Multiscreen network increased, even though the selected formats did not improve. TV Banners grew in effectiveness as well as in price.

In August, CTRs were lower for banner formats. On the contrary, they were good for videos and TV ads on HbbTV.

The July RTB Index once again shows differences in trends across formats. Now Bumper and Interscroller are also included in the index.

June was a strong month for advertising, even RTB advertising. To find out what the performance and prices were like for the R2B2 Multiscreen digital network, take a look at our new RTB Index.

In May, CTRs of selected ad formats declined in RTB advertising in the R2B2 network. CPMs did not change much.

April’s results for the R2B2 network were the same as those from March. However, CTRs of selected formats improved as videos continued to fall.

After an increase in February, prices of RTB ads slid back in the opposite direction. The average CPM fell by 7% to €2.03. The average CTR across the entire R2B2 Multiscreen network decreased by 9% to 0.56%.

The prices of RTB ads on the R2B2 Multiscreen network have again rebounded and grown. The average network CPM increased by 10% to €2.19. The average CTR for the entire network moved in the same direction reaching 0.62%—a 15% increase from the previous month.