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HbbTV technology has opened the door for Internet video ads on TV. Since its arrival, classic video ad blocks are no longer the only way to show viewers ads. Space for this form of advertising is now growing rapidly and has reached beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

Space for Internet video ads on TV is increasing

The Czech ad tech company R2B2, which runs the digital ad network R2B2 Multiscreen, has added the newly launched TV station Prima KRIMI to its portfolio. Now advertisers who buy HbbTV ad space programmatically via the network have a 10th Czech TV channel available to them.

The Czech ad-tech company R2B2, which operates a digital ad network for online media sales, is showing everyone how their Slovak portfolio looks. At the moment, R2B2’s ad space on 7 leading publishers and 3 TV stations is sold programmatically via the R2B2 network. These numbers should grow in the near future.

The Czech ad-tech company R2B2, which operates a digital ad network, is introducing a new tool for creating native ads.

Retro Music TV has begun programmatic sales of ad space on HbbTV. Purchases and sales can be made via the digital ad network R2B2 Multiscreen.

After more than two years in business, R2B2’s digital ad network sells online ads for 50 Czech media groups, TV companies, and smaller publishers. According to the company, this figure will continue to increase.

The rapidly evolving Czech programmatic ecosystem now includes a standardized version of the largest web banner format. It is being offered by all major publishers and networks.

R2B2’s digital ad network now includes the three largest Czech media sales houses—HyperMedia, Impression Media, and adMaster.

As of 2018, the R2B2 programmatic ad network will be open for demand partner integration. Partner integration for real time bidding on HbbTV will be the priority.

The R2B2 Czech programmatic ad network is expanding to include three Slovak TV stations operated by CME. The top TV station in Slovakia will be among them. Now advertisers can bid on R2B2 HbbTV inventory for two countries.

The Czech ad-tech company R2B2, in cooperation with Hybrid, has added to R2B2 Multiscreen, their programmatic network, the newest and largest banner format that can be used on HbbTV - the XXL Banner.