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In August, the CPM rose for all formats except videos and 300x600 Banners. The biggest change was recorded for 300x600 Banners whose CPC fell from 27 CZK to 17 CZK. This is the lowest CPC this format has had over the past year. The CTR for videos increased from 0.69% to 1.30%, and the CTR for Mobile Skins has also continued to climb.

RTB Index – August 2019

The newest addition to R2B2’s selection of standard programmatic formats immediately, in the first days it was available, surprised everyone with its exceptional results.

Interscroller was introduced by R2B2 at the end of June 2018. After only five months, the number of impressions sold has already soared past Mobile Skins, which was previously the best selling mobile format.

R2B2 offers advertisers 4 billion impressions a month on Czech and Slovak websites. On HbbTV, 300 million impressions a month are available.

The Czech ad tech company R2B2 is expanding its digital ad network to include more global ad tech platforms. To be more specific, it is partnering with AppNexus, ConnectAd, Smart, and Teads.

The Czech ad tech company R2B2, which operates a digital ad network, has introduced a new way of targeting mobile phone users. Advertisers can programmatically reach users on mobile devices according to the brand and model of their phones. The first to try out this type of targeting in a campaign was Samsung.

Half a year after the launch of a native ad generator by Czech ad tech company R2B2, it is regularly used by dozens of agencies and advertisers. In total, it has been used to make several hundred creatives.

The Czech ad tech company R2B2, who operates a digital ad network, has introduced a new type of targeting for programmatic ads on HbbTV. Advertisers can target viewers by TV brand and model. Skylink was the first to use it in a campaign.

Now there is a new targeting option for programmatic advertising on HbbTV in Slovakia. Advertisers can target viewers based on the content they are watching. So far, it is available on three TV stations: Markíza, Doma, and Dajto.

The R2B2 programmatic network sold 5 billion display ad impressions the first half of this year. R2B2’s expansion to more programmatic supply-side platforms and more publishers contributed to the large quantity.

The R2B2 digital ad network is expanding to include more Slovak publishers., KOŠICE:DNES, and StartItUp have recently joined its programmatic ad network. And what’s more, R2B2 has also added more banner and video formats to its portfolio.

As the Czech programmatic market rises steadily by tens of percent year-on-year, one of its biggest players, the ad tech company R2B2, has responded by expanding its programmatic ad network´s portfolio of formats. For mobile, it has deployed the largest ad format ever, Interscroller. As for video ads, it has added a short, 6-second, unskippable ad called Bumper.