Case studies

Genesis Growth Equity Fund I (GGEF I), a private equity fund focusing on investments into small and mid-size growth companies primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, successfully completed an acquisition of a majority stake in R2B2.

Genesis Growth acquires a majority stake in R2B2

Škoda Auto decided to use programmatic buying for its campaign on HbbTV and, along with it, an advanced targeting method - retargeting.

The film distributor Vertical Entertainment together with the advertising agency InsiderMedia decided to try out the new method of targeting on HbbTV—content targeting.

UPC Broadband Slovakia was the first company in Slovakia to programmatically buy ad space on HbbTV together with an interactive ad app for a campaign.

The programmatic purchase of ad space on HbbTV not only opens a simplified path to displaying ads on TV, but also helps create sophisticated and intelligent strategies that attract TV viewers and get them to interact. This can be done using various methods of advanced targeting.

TRIAD Advertising wanted a campaign to raise awareness of Kingswood cider through a “carefree” clip, as they had an ideal opportunity to address TV viewers who were expected to be relaxing in front of the TV.

Vertical Entertainment, a film distribution company, releases an average of 30 to 40 films per year. Together with InsiderMedia, they decided to promote selected films using the largest screens in the home, namely TV.

AXA Assistance decided to promote its new product, Lawyer on Hand, using Takeover Skins bought via RTB. Programmatic Takeover Skins were chosen because they are superior among banner formats. This format is also ideal for increasing brand awareness. The ample space enables advertisers to present ad messages creatively.