The revenue per unit on internet ad placements sold at auction during high season has risen by more than 50%. The dramatic growth in performance has impacted both large and specialized publishers. The auctioning of ad space is receiving strong support from publishers.

Earnings on ad placements are on the rise, auction sales are getting stronger

R2B2 has expanded its digital ad network to be compatible with new types of native ads. SuperNative ads will continue to be a priority in 2020, and prices will remain unchanged.

In November, the CPC for all online formats increased. CPMs also rose, especially for Interscroller, Takeover Skins, and Mobile Skins.

R2B2 has integrated two more programmatic ad platforms, PubMatic and Ströer. The company now connects to 13 programmatic networks and mediates demands for new ads with the participating partners.

The CPC for Banners 300x600 has increased again after the summer. In October, the CTRs for Mobile Skins and Native reached their highest points so far this year at 2.65% and 1.12%. CPMs fell for all formats except Banners 300x600. The average purchase price for Takeover Skins sank to below 4 EUR.

The latest addition to our programmatic formats has confirmed its performance after four months of operation. Mobile Vignettes are fully prepared for the onslaught of the main advertising season.

In September, the CPC fell for all formats except 300x600 Banners and Takeover Skins. The CPM for 300x600 Banners held steady at just under 1 Euro. HbbTV was dominated by pay-per-click campaigns.

In August, the CPM rose for all formats except videos and 300x600 Banners. The biggest change was recorded for 300x600 Banners whose CPC fell from 27 CZK to 17 CZK. This is the lowest CPC this format has had over the past year. The CTR for videos increased from 0.69% to 1.30%, and the CTR for Mobile Skins has also continued to climb.

The newest addition to R2B2’s selection of standard programmatic formats immediately, in the first days it was available, surprised everyone with its exceptional results.

In July, video ads were the cheapest they have been this year (CPM 126 CZK). CTRs for Mobile Skins have been steadily climbing since March (2.31%). As far as HbbTV formats, more click-through campaigns have been sold, thus CTRs have been rising rapidly and CPMs for TV banners have been decreasing. July’s average CPC for HbbTV banners was 15 CZK—the cheapest so far this year.

In June, CPMs for video ads grew the most. CPMs also increased for Takeover Skins (by 2.6%) and Mobile Branding (by 5.7%).