Advertisers can now supplement programmatic campaigns with native advertising

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R2B2 has introduced native advertising, the programmatic equivalent of classic PR articles, to the Czech advertising arena. This type of advertising is visually almost indistinguishable from the actual website where it is displayed. What makes these ads different from typical PR articles is that they directly link to the advertiser’s website.

Native advertising combines PR articles with the most fundamental advantages of programmatic:

  • Control over the campaign in real time
  • Separate creatives for different audiences
  • Advanced options for targeting, buying data, and optimization
  • Storytelling and additional forms of retargeting
  • Programmatic links to the entire campaign

“For advertisers, it is a unique opportunity to enrich and supplement their campaigns through a new channel of communication. The native ads are displayed on premium Czech websites, and advertisers can buy them via Adform’s DSP. It’s very important to make sure native ads target the right audiences and use favorable channels of communication,” explains Stanislav Mottl, manager at R2B2.

Native ads are similar to PR articles but can include some additional elements such as visible click-through addresses, CTAs, and icons. Although the ads will be adapted as much as possible to the website content, they will be marked with the label “Advertisement.”

R2B2 deals systematically with innovation in the programmatic advertising industry across all media types. They run the first platform in the Czech Republic to sell print advertisements programmatically. They also focus on the use of programmatics on television and in OOH environments. In May 2016 R2B2 held the first programmatic meeting in the Czech Republic – Programmatic Day.