About R2B2

R2B2 is a Czech technology company that operates a digital ad network spanning all online screens—computers, mobile devices, and TVs. We help publishers monetize ad space and advertisers extend their reach to the Czech and Slovak markets.

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We are automation experts

Thanks to programmatic and several technologies we have developed ourselves, we efficiently connect the ends of the ad chain—advertisers with the media that display online ads. We are the only ones offering programmatic sales of ad space on computers, mobile devices, and since 2016, on TV via HbbTV technology.

We currently operate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our network is used by more than 100 publishers and 13 nationwide TV stations that sell ad placements to hundreds of advertising agencies and direct advertisers.

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Company and billing addresses

R2B2 a.s.
Velflikova 1429/6
160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

VAT ID: CZ07965362

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