All devices. One network.

Do RTB in HbbTV.

Become an R2B2 demand partner in 2018.

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connected devices
connected devices

R2B2 Multiscreen automatically reaches

  • 90% of Czech Internet users
  • 1,940,000 Czech TV viewers
oslovite automaticky

New possibilities for advertisers

Advertise on screens of all sizes through just one network. Here’s how it works.

nove moznosti

What does R2B2 offer advertisers?

  • Access to the RTB auction Auction models that create a level playing field
  • Statistics Automation ensures ongoing campaign optimization
  • Reporting Monitoring and online reports enable maximum control
  • Respected partners Compatibility with the most commonly used systems in the Czech Republic
  • Interactivity Attractiveness and interactivity improve results
  • Brand new formats Large formats suitable for advertising prestigious brands
  • Targeting State-of-the-art data targeting methods dramatically increase ad performance and offer brand new approaches to advertising, CRM, and B2B marketing

All in one place. On one network. In real time.

R2B2 Multiscreen

All devices. One network.

R2B2 Multiscreen is Czech technology for automated advertising. We put programmatic ads on screens of all types - on computers, TVs, tablets, and mobile devices. More than 10,000,000 screens in the Czech Republic are connected to the network.

R2B2 Multiscreen lets you reach recipients anytime, anywhere, with better planning, control, and statistics.

90% of media consumption takes place via screen


  • 3,000,000 mobile devices
  • 6,000,000 computers
  • 1,000,000 TVs

The top Czech media companies and TV stations have chosen to collaborate with R2B2