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connected devices
RTB Index – April 2018

RTB Index – April 2018

April’s results for the R2B2 network were the same as those from March. However, CTRs of selected formats improved as videos continued to fall.

Space for Internet video ads on TV is increasing

Space for Internet video ads on TV is increasing

HbbTV technology has opened the door for Internet video ads on TV. Since its arrival, classic video ad blocks are no longer the only way to show viewers ads. Space for this form of advertising is now growing rapidly and has reached beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. R2B2 adds new channel Prima to its Czech HbbTV ad network R2B2 adds new channel Prima to its Czech HbbTV ad network

The Czech ad tech company R2B2, which runs the digital ad network R2B2 Multiscreen, has added the newly launched TV station Prima KRIMI to its portfolio. Now advertisers who buy HbbTV ad space programmatically via the network have a 10th Czech TV channel available to them.

What does R2B2 offer advertisers?

  • Access to the RTB auction Auction models that create a level playing field
  • Statistics Automation ensures ongoing campaign optimization
  • Reporting Monitoring and online reports enable maximum control
  • Respected partners Compatibility with the most commonly used systems in the Czech Republic
  • Interactivity Attractiveness and interactivity improve results
  • Brand new formats Large formats suitable for advertising prestigious brands
  • Targeting State-of-the-art data targeting methods dramatically increase ad performance and offer brand new approaches to advertising, CRM, and B2B marketing

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R2B2 AYM is a full-featured all-screen solution that expands the header bidding method to HbbTV.

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